Womens Scrubs

If you go to a hospital today, you will probably notice that there are just as many, if not more, women working there as men, and in equal positions. As more and more women have become doctors and lab technicians, as well as medical researchers, there has been an increased demand for women's scrubs.

While those working in large hospitals and research facilities may be provided with unisex scrubs, women working in smaller facilities can usually wear women's scrubs. Having been designed specifically for women, these fit better than men's or unisex scrubs. They are also available in colors and patterns favored by women. Women's scrub tops especially come in numerous bright colors, patterns, and prints to satisfy the fashion tastes of virtually everyone. Flower prints are readily available, as well as various cartoon prints and pictures. There are also tunic style shirts available for those who want a longer top or need more pockets in their shirt. Women's scrub jackets are another way to add color and variety to a women's medical uniform, as well as more pockets for those who need to carry more tools. Women's scrub pants are designed with women's hips in mind, and also come in different styles. Different types of waistbands are available, including drawstring and elastic.

Women's pants come with or without pockets, and can be found in different lengths and with flared legs. No matter what type of facility a woman works in, however many pockets she needs in her shirt and what kind of pants she likes, there are women's scrubs available to suit her.

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