Women's Lab Coats

In the past, most doctors were men and most nurses were women. But in modern times, more and more doctors are women and more nurses are men. As a result, the demand for specific types of medical uniforms has changed. There is a larger demand for women's lab coats as more women work as doctors, as well as researchers and lab technicians, and want a lab coat to wear over their other clothing.

Women's lab coats serve to protect their clothes, as well as provide a place to keep pens, prescription pads, medical tools, and other items women need during the day. What type of lab coat a woman will want depends on what type of work she does. A female doctor may want a fairly simple coat, of a medium length, with one pocket for her pens and prescription pad. A researcher working in a lab may want a women's lab coat with more pockets to carry tools in, and that is full length to protect her legs as well as her torso. Women's coats also come in different colors, so professionals can choose a color other than the traditional white.

Or traditionalists can choose a simple white lab coat, perhaps with her name embroidered on the front. Women's coats have been designed specifically for women, flaring around the hips for a better fit than men's coats. Women's lab coats are a good way for women working in hospitals, labs, and research facilities to prevent their clothing being contaminated with hazardous materials or simple germs from patients.

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