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What You Should Look for When Buying Medical Supplies Online

Buying medical supplies online offers massive advantages for the small practice. Buying medical supplies is a chore at the best of times, with hundreds of distributors and suppliers to deal with, each with one or two items that the practice buys, leading up to massive administration and purchasing costs. Online suppliers eliminate this problem by collecting thousands of products and items on one individual site, as well as offering alternatives to products that may be cheaper or more effective. In fact, some companies say that they can save discerning buyers 30-40 percent per year on their medical supplies. This averages out at roughly $3,000 per doctor in a typical small-town medical practice.

They also allow access to rare or hard-to-acquire medical supplies, often combining them all in the same shipping fee. By processing the orders and acting as middlemen rather than taking possession of the product, they help keep the relationship direct between doctor and supplier, while allowing the practitioner to pay a single flat fee. Instead of charging the doctors to use their service, medical supply sites charge the supplier per order processed, allowing an even bigger savings on the products themselves.

Medical practitioners pay for the products by credit card, and schedule shipping through Federal Express, UPS, or via freight carrier for large equipment. Overnight delivery for smaller packages usually costs extra, while four- to two-day delivery is typically provided free of charge.

So what should you look for in a medical supply website? Firstly, make sure they are qualified and certified to handle the distribution of drugs, sharps and other medical necessities. Do not buy from a medical supply website unless you are sure that they can handle the processing and delivery of your order safely and competently. Look for referrals, colleagues and contacts who have used the service before. If you can’t find at least one good reference that isn’t on the company’s website, then give the site serious consideration before buying.

Some good starting points that are tried-and-tested include looking for the biggest online suppliers. These bigger sites will able to provide you with great savings on a variety of products. Plus, these professional sites will make your product ordering much easier with easy to use categories; the products are clearly marked and very well presented. You can also try looking for sites online that specialize in products for non-hospital practices, making them the ideal choice for smaller companies and surgeries. They also accept proposals, and can provide quotes on demand.

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