Unisex Scrubs

One challenge faced by many people is finding the perfect uniform to wear to work. Every profession has a different type of uniform, and for many in the medical field scrubs are the most practical uniform.

Those who work in large institutions often wear unisex scrubs provided by the hospital. While unisex scrubs might not be quite as comfortable as those designed specifically for men and women, there are good reasons for using them in large hospitals and research facilities. The main reason is that it is next to impossible to stock specific types of scrubs; the staff is too large and varied for stockers to ensure there are the proper size and sex of scrubs in all the departments. Thus, unisex scrubs are stocked in various sizes, so that everyone has scrubwear that is a close enough fit.

Unisex scrubs tend to be less varied than gender-specific scrubs, since men and women tend to have different ideas about fashion. Still, there are varieties of unisex scrubs. Shirts come in several different colors, and are available with V-necks or in a polo style. Unisex scrub shirts are made with different numbers of pockets for those who need to carry a few things, lots of things, or nothing in their shirt pockets. Pants also come in different colors and a few patterns. Unisex scrub pants can be found with drawstring or elastic waists, in a cargo style with lots of pockets, or a basic style without pockets. Medical supply clerks will be able to find ideal unisex scrubs for their facility, whatever its needs.

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