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Top Ten Medical Uniforms

As a medical practitioner, whether nurse, doctor or administrative assistant, you’ve got an immense responsibility on your hand. It is your job to not only take care of your patients’ health needs but to help provide as much comfort as possible. One particular way you can help comfort your patients is through the clothes you wear. Professional yet fun scrubs are capable of putting a smile on people’s faces and increasing their comfort levels. Additionally, since you work long, hard days, your scrubs have got to be able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Take your time and look online through countless medical uniforms intended to keep up with every medical career.

Here are the top ten medical uniform brands on the market today:

1. Dickies Medical scrubs: Dickies has been around since 1918 and is a name you can trust for durability and quality scrubs. They are also reasonably priced and you can buy them online.

2. Cherokee: Cherokee scrubs cater to both men and women and have a stylish collection. If you are looking for some more sophisticated scrubs then check out their website. They are constantly adding fun new styles and patterns to the mix.

3. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs: These stylish scrubs were inspired by the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Now you can model your scrubs after your favorite primetime characters.

4. Landau Scrubs: Landau specializes in comfortable scrubs for women in the medical profession. They range in the twenty to thirty range and also have styles for men.

5. Urbane Scrubs: Urbane offers a creative range of patterns and colors for all your scrub needs.

6. AllHeart: AllHeart scrubs are reasonably priced and can be found online.

7. Baby Phat: For those who want an edge in their scrub uniform, check out Baby Phat prints. They are fun, comfortable and hip!

8. White Swan scrubs: This brand offers an extensive collection of basic colored scrubs at reasonable prices.

9. Barco Uniforms: Barco also caters to women and has an extensive collection of colors and patterns for every personality type.

10. Nu Dimension Scrubs: They have comfortable and stretchy pants as well as an extensive collection of basic shirts and coats.

You can check out all of these companies online to see up-to-the-minute fashions and new styles every day. Make sure to research prices and sizes before buying your scrubs. Once you find your perfect match you will want to stick with them for the duration of your medical career.

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