Surgical Gowns

For many people working in the medical field, scrubwear is the standard uniform. Scrubwear is broad category, including a number of garments worn by people in various medical fields, from medical assistants and nurses to surgeons to researchers working in laboratories. Luckily, the types of scrubwear available are as numerous as the types of people who wear scrubs, so everyone can find the right garment for their needs.

The first type of professional that people probably think of as wearing scrubs are doctors. Almost every doctor in a hospital will be wearing some type of scrubwear. In large institutions, scrubwear is often provided to employees and quite generic. It is simply too complicated to try to stock specific scrubs for different people, so the medical supply personnel tend to order neutral colored, unisex scrubs in a range of sizes. While perhaps not the most comfortable uniform, this is the only practical option in large hospitals.

In smaller facilities though, or for those who buy their own scrubs, there are numerous types of men's and women's scrubwear. For tops, people can choose scrubwear with different neckline styles, with or without pockets. There are even tunic style tops that are longer and have lots of pockets for pens, prescription pads, or other medical tools. Scrubwear tops come in many solid colors as well as patterns and prints. Scrubwear pants are not as varied, but there are still different options as far as waistbands (elastic, drawstring or button up are common), and they come with our without pockets. There is ideal scrubwear available for every type of medical professional.

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