Scrub Pants

When many people get dressed, most of their thought and consideration goes into what shirt to wear. We are used to having so many options when it comes to shirts that we tend not to give much thought to pants. But in some cases, such as scrub pants, there are also many choices. Scrub pants come in a number of different styles, colors, and sizes, and are made specifically for women and men.

Women's scrub pants are designed with women's bodies in mind, meaning they are roomier in the hip area. Men's scrub pants likewise are designed to fit men's bodies. Unisex scrub pants are also common, especially in large facilities where it is too complicated to try to stock different types of scrub pants. There are different types of waistbands, such as elastic, drawstring, or button up. Different fits are also available, such as flared-leg and low-rise scrub pants. Though not as numerous as the options for scrub tops, there are some choices of color for scrub pants, mainly more traditional colors like blue and green. It is even possible to find a limited number of printed scrub pants, such as camouflage.

They also come in a wide range of sizes, so that doctors and nurses of any physical size will be able to find scrub pants that fit them well. Disposable scrub pants are also available for those facilities that choose not to reuse scrubs to prevent any kind of contamination, though not in as many varieties as reusable pants.

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