Scrub Jackets

Many medical professionals wear scrubs at work, to prevent their own clothing from being contaminated and for a professional appearance. Because of the type of material they are made of, scrubs are not the warmest pieces of clothing. Those who get cold easily may choose to wear scrub jackets over their scrub tops for extra warmth. For others, scrub jackets provide an additional layer of protection against contamination and spills. Or a scrubs jacket may be a fashion choice; professionals may like the look of a solid color scrub top underneath a printed or different color scrub jacket. Those who place more emphasis on practicality may like the utility of scrub jackets, as many come with additional pockets. Doctors may need additional pockets to carry a prescription pad or tools they might need. Likewise, nurses may need to carry tools particular to their department in a hospital. Scrub jackets can supply additional carrying space in an otherwise limited uniform.

Or, for those working with harsh chemicals or places like operating rooms where they are more likely to be contaminated with something, wearing a jacket can provide an additional layer of protection. In the same way that lab coats can help protect under layers of clothing, a scrub jacket can protect the scrubs worn underneath and be removed if it becomes contaminated. For others, a scrub jacket may be a matter of comfort; everyone has probably known someone who gets chilled easily. Whether from poor circulation or just body type, some people are prone to be cold, and scrub jackets can provide an additional layer of warmth for come medical professionals.

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