Printed Scrubs

There are many types of scrubs available to medical professionals today, including printed scrubs. Some medical staffs prefer more traditional, solid color scrubs; and those ordering for large facilities might choose neutral style scrubs to make the most people comfortable in them. For those who purchase their own scrubs, or those who work in smaller facilities where the ordering manager can ask everyone there preference, there are a number of choices of more colorful scrubs available.

Many medical professionals choose to wear printed scrubs that are somehow personalized for them, whether it be a print related to their specialty or cartoon prints of their favorite character. One of the best examples is those medical personnel working in pediatrics. Pediatric nurses especially tend to favor scrubs that have a cartoon print, animal print, or toys of some kind. It helps to put your patients at ease or distract them if a nurse has bats and balls or a popular cartoon figure printed all over their scrubs. Doctors and nurses working in other areas might opt for printed scrubs as well, to express their personality or simply to brighten up an otherwise dull medical facility.

A doctor who is a big soccer fan, and maybe even works in a specialty that deals with sports related injuries, might find a soccer ball print scrub or other sports themed scrub. Flowered scrubs are also common, and an easy way for nurses to add some color to their office. Printed scrubs can even be an ice breaker for patients who are nervous about going to the doctor and make them feel more comfortable.

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