Patient Wear

No one really likes going to the doctor. Whether it is a simple yearly checkup, having an injured leg examined, or being admitted to the hospital for surgery, it is always a somewhat uncomfortable experience. Part of the reason may be that whenever we have to go to the doctor, we have to change into patient wear, those garments that the staff give us to wear during procedure. Most of the time, in the doctors office or the hospital, patients will be given a hospital gown to wear. These one size fits all, cover the front while the back remains mostly open garments are not known for being comfortable. Yet they serve their purpose, and are necessary for many procedures.

Luckily, other types of patient wear are becoming more common. Some offices use a cross between these traditional patient gowns and normal clothing: over-sized shorts or tops, items of clothing that have leg and arm holes but are still over large. There are practical reasons for having oversized clothing, mainly that the facility does not have to try to stock different sizes as needed, and so people with injured limbs can easily put on and take off the garments. Patient wear is also very necessary in many situations, such as MRIs and x-rays, when any metal from regular clothing might cause interference. And anyone going into an operating room has to be as clean as possible to prevent infection, so street clothes are not really an option. Given patients hospital clothing to wear, while not always comfortable, is a necessity in many cases.

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