Patient Gowns

Pretty much everyone has had some experience with patient gowns, those rather ill-fitting things we have to wear at the doctors office or the hospital to make it easier for them to examine us. Patient gowns are seldom a very fashionable item of clothing. They are generally one size fits all, meaning much too large for most of us. Whatever method of securing the back, it is almost never enough to really close the back of the gown, leaving us a little more exposed than we would like to be. If you have ever had the be admitted to the hospital, and had to go somewhere for a scan or test, you know how uncomfortable it can be to try to walk down a hospital hallway while trying to hold your gown closed behind you.

Much as people may dislike them, patient gowns are an absolute necessity when you are being examined by a doctor. Even at a yearly checkup, the doctor will need to perform a variety of checks that are difficult or impossible if you are wearing regular clothes. Even something as simple as listening to your chest can be difficult if you are wearing a regular shirt, and most pants are too tight for a doctor to accurately examine a leg problem. Thus, patients are stuck wearing gowns for exams. These do not have to be terrible though. Some reusable gowns can be comfortable, when made of the right material, although disposable gowns are also available. And the ties in the back, if used correctly, can minimize how much exposure a patient has.

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