Nursing Uniforms

In years gone by, nursing was almost exclusively a women's profession. Most people think of a woman in all white when they picture a nurse. Today, though both men and women are nurses, and as such nursing uniforms have changed to fit the needs of nurses of both sexes. Nursing uniforms are no longer simple white pants and shirt sets; there are a number of different types made to fit the needs of any nurse, female or male, who works in a hospital, clinic, doctors office or lab. Men's nursing uniforms also are available in extended sizes, so even the tallest nurse will be able to find a uniform that fits him well.

Women's nursing uniforms also come in a range of sizes, and both can be found in a variety styles. Professionals can put together a nursing uniform from scrubs, smocks, and lab coats to meet the needs of their particular job. Hospital nursing uniforms might consist of multiple layers of clothes, as hospital nurses are more likely to get something on their clothing in their work. Likewise, a nurse working in a lab might want to add a lab coat for extra protection. Clinical nursing uniforms might be as simple as scrub pants and top. Whatever types of nursing uniform a particular person wants, they have many choices within that category. Those who want scrubs can choose different colors and patterns for both pants and tops; nurses lab coats likewise are now made in different colors. Pants also come with different types of waistbands and with or without pockets, ensuring that anyone will be able to find a nursing uniform suited to their needs.

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