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When most people think about a uniform, they think about the basic parts of it: shirt and pants, maybe a jacket. In reality, uniforms have many more than just three parts. There are any number of things that can be and often are added to a uniform, and the uniforms worn by nurses are no exception. Nursing accessories can include everything from socks and shoes to hair bands and stethoscopes.

What accessories a nurse will need and want will depend on where he or she work. A nurse working in a doctors office might not need many nursing accessories, as she is not likely to be treating critically ill patients and supplies can be retrieved from supply rooms in the office. Hospital nurses are more likely to need to carry things like stethoscopes with them. A nurse working in the emergency room at a busy hospital might carry bandage scissors with him for dressing wounds and removing bandages. A nurse working in a neurology ward might carry a percussion hammer for testing reflexes. And most nurses are going to need things as simple as pens or pads of paper for making notes in charts or writing instructions for patients.

Nursing accessories can also include fun things, like coffee mugs and tee shirts with nurse sayings on them. Many nurses take great pride in their work, and are display their job title with shirts, posters, and refrigerator magnets. These items are a good gift idea for coworkers, friends, and family members, and can even by a way to show your appreciation for a nurse you know.

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