Nurses Uniforms

When many people think of nurses, they think of a woman in a very traditional nurses uniform: white top and pants, white shoes and socks, and maybe even a white hat. For many years, this was the standard and virtually universal nurses uniform.

Nurses in very specialized areas, such as surgery or the intensive care unit, might have had specialized uniforms, but most nurses walking the halls of a hospital would be wearing this stereotypical uniform. Today, however, nurses have many more options in the type of uniform they can wear. Nurses can choose to wear scrubs, like those that doctors wear. They can choose different colors of scrubs, patterns or prints, and mix and match for a new outfit every day. Smock tops are also a popular type of nurses uniform, and also come in different colors and patterns. Nurses might also want to wear a lab coat over their uniform, for extra protection against germs and fluids they might be exposed to during their workday.

Whatever nurses uniform a person chooses to wear, they have to appear professional. Patients will be more comfortable with nurses who are clean and presentable and wearing a professional uniform. Reusable nurses uniforms should always been freshly laundered; this is not an issue with disposable nurses uniforms. Those working in hospitals, especially those units that deal with critically ill patients, might want to choose more muted colors in respect to their patients; those working in clinics and doctors offices can be a little more creative in choosing what type of nurses uniform they choose to wear, as patients might appreciate a little color more.

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