Nurse Stockings

There are many types of jobs that require people to spend long periods of time on their feet, including nursing. People with these jobs often have problems like foot and back pain, and look for ways to reduce these problems. Nurse stockings are one way that nurses relieve their painful feet. Many nurses wear support stockings to help prevent aching feet after working a shift that is eight hours or longer, and often spending the majority of it on their feet.

Especially in busy hospitals, nurses are responsible for taking care of numerous patients, bringing them medicine or taking them to other parts of the hospital for tests. They might spend virtually an entire shift on their feet, and as a result blood will gather in their feet and legs, causing swelling and soreness. Nurse stockings can help prevent this problem. Support stocking, or control top panty hose, compress the legs and force the blood to flow back up to the rest of the body. Those who wear nurse stockings avoid having swollen, aching feet at the end of a shift.

Nurse stockings come in a variety of colors, and can even be found in patterns. They come in a range of heights, from ankle-length socks for those who only have foot pain, to knee-highs for those who also have pain in their claves and shins, to full-length tights for those who are sore all the way up their legs. Nurse stockings are an important supply for those busy nurses who spend most of their time standing at desks or walking the floors of a hospital.

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