Mens Lab Coats

Most men working in a medical facility, whether it is a hospital, doctors office or research lab, will want to have a lab coat to wear over their clothing. Lab coats help keep whatever a person is working with at work, not carried into their car or even their home. There are more and more choices of lab coat available to men, not just the traditional long, white lab coat. Men's lab coats are designed with the physical characteristics of men in mind. Sizes in men's coat will generally be a little larger than sizes in women's coats, as men tend to naturally be bigger people, and come in more large sizes.

Designers also now recognize that women are not the only ones who want to be fashionable at work. Men's lab coats now come in different colors and styles, although perhaps not as many colors and styles as women's coats. Still, men have the option of several different colors of lab coats, as well as short or long coats. They can choose coats with more or fewer pockets, depending on their needs, and have their name embroidered over a pocket if they want. Men can even find coats that are tailored more to their size. Instead of just being a small or medium or large coat, men's lab coats come with different sleeve lengths, so men can find just the right fit so their sleeves are not too long and do not get in their way. With all the options available, every man is sure to find a coat that is just the right fit for him.

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