Medical Supplies

Not many people who have to go to the hospital as a patient or to visit a patient think about how the hospital runs. Most of us just take for granted that it does run, that there are doctors and nurses staffing it and an ample supply of everything they need to treat patients. The thought of medical supplies probably never crosses the mind of most people. But for the staff responsible for ordering medical supplies, it is a daily concern. There is a huge range of medical supplies that are needed at hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, and medical labs. Each type of facility will need different medical supplies, depending on what activities are going on at them. Hospitals will need a larger variety of supplies, for everything from treating accident victims in emergency rooms to maintaining sterile operating rooms for surgeries to treating patients in intensive care units.

Doctors offices will need a narrower range of medical supplies. Testing and research labs will not need supplies for patient treatment but more related to test procedures. All these facilities, though, will need medical uniforms for staff, whether it is medical uniforms for hospital nurses, or men's and women's scrubs for those working in a doctor's office, or industrial lab coats for researchers working with harsh chemicals. Hospital shoe covers might be needed at all three types of facilities, while examination gowns will only be needed at hospitals and clinics. Whoever is in charge of ordering medical supplies for a facility will have to think carefully about what types of supplies are needed, and how best to stock their supply closet.

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