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Medical Oxygen Masks

Hospitals are stocked with a variety of supplies, some of which are obvious, while others are things the average person might never consider. Not many people would say 'medical oxygen masks' when asked to name a medical supply found in hospitals, but they are a critical part of operating rooms. Oxygen masks fit over a patients nose and mouth, helping them to breathe. They deliver oxygen to patients who are having difficulty or cannot breathe on their own. Patients might wear a medical oxygen mask while they are under anesthesia during surgery, if they are in an intensive care unit for severe injury or illness, or even in the emergency room if they are having trouble breathing.

An oxygen mask is a relatively simply medical supply. Many consist of little more than plastic, nylon and elastic. They are made up of a piece of molded plastic that is fist around the nose and mouth of the patient. Plastic tubing feeds the oxygen into the mask. And a nylon and elastic band, tied onto each long side of the mask, can be slipped behind the patients head to hold the mask in place. Oxygen masks can be disposable or reusable, depending on the needs of the facility. Another type of mask consists only of the plastic face covering, with a hole in the front; these are used with squeeze bags in the administration of CPR. Medical oxygen masks are one of the medical supplies that are critically important in caring for patients, but that many people never think about.

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