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Almost everyone remembers playing dress up as a child. Whether we were pretending to be a pirate or imagining being a doctor when we grew up, most people have a memory of putting on the uniform of something. For those children who are aspiring doctors, there are lab coats for kids that can make them feel even more like a grown up doctor. Parents want to encourage their children to dream big dreams, like graduating from medical school starting their own medical practice. Lab coats for kids like these are a great gift.

Besides playing dress up, there are other reasons to buy a lab coat for your child. They may attend a school where they are able to participate in science experiments, and needs something to go over their clothes during this time. They may enjoy painting or another messy art form, and a child's lab coat is a good option for keeping their art on the paper instead of their clothes. Or they may want a lab coat for kids as a doctor costume for a special occasion, whether it be school play, Halloween party, or even a themed birthday party. A child sized lab coat is one more way they can keep dreaming about, or start to think seriously about, becoming part of the adult world. It may make them more comfortable with going to the doctor; wearing a lab coat for kids puts them in the doctors place, in a way, so they can see that doctors are not scary people after all.

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