Lab Coats

Lab coats are one of the most common pieces of clothing worn in medical facilities. Whether it is a hospital, clinic, doctors office, medical testing facility, or research laboratory, staff will likely need lab coats. In the past, the choice of lab coats was limited, mainly to white coats, reaching the waist or the knee, and with short or long sleeves.

The most color you were likely to see on a lab coat was the doctor's name embroidered on the chest. Today, though, there are numerous colors and styles of lab coat for professionals to choose from. They are available in a range of colors, including the traditional white as well as dark and light colors. Lab coats also come in different lengths, reaching as low as the knees for those who might want protection for their legs as well as their upper body. Some coats have long sleeves to protect the arms while performing tests or working with chemicals; others have short sleeves for those who prefer not to have anything in the way of their hands while they work.

Lab coats even have choices as to the number and placement of pockets. Some have one pocket on the chest for pens, others have multiple pockets on the chest and around the waist for those who need to carry more tools with them. Whatever type of facility a person works in, whatever their needs and preferences, there is a style of lab coat to meet their needs, and color options to satisfy their stylish desires as well.

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