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There are many professionals who wear lab coats at work to protect themselves from the hazardous substances they work with. Doctors, nurses, and lab technicians all commonly wear lab coats, but their needs differ based on their profession. For those working in laboratories or other environments with strong chemicals, industrial lab coats are a necessary piece of equipment. Just as an industrial-strength cleaner is stronger and more effective than the average household cleaner, an industrial lab coat is stronger than the average lab coat. While a doctor might be able to wear a normal lab coat to protect against average contaminants, a technician working in a lab with hazardous materials, highly contagious diseases, or even nuclear material will need a more substantial coat.

Industrial lab coats are heavier-weight than normal coats, so that they can protect lab technicians from more dangerous substances. Most industrial coats are disposable, since those working with dangerous materials will want to prevent any sort of contamination. Disposing of a coat at the end of the shift is one of the easiest ways for technicians to prevent accidentally taking any hazardous material out of their lab. This ensures the safety of the technicians, their families and the public. Industrial lab coats are generally made of white material, but come in different styles. Different types of coats are available, with varying numbers of pockets and fasteners. Industrial lab coats come in a wide range of sizes as well, so that people of any body type can find a coat that fits well and will not hamper their work.

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