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Hospital Shoe Covers

In many areas of a hospital, it is important to control all the substances that go in and out. One way of controlling the spread of substances that many people might not think about is the use of hospital shoe covers. When you think about it, our shoes go every place we do but we almost never wash them. We do not wash them after one use like clothing, and we certainly do not wash them every day like our bodies. Shoes may be one of the dirtiest things we own. Hospital shoe covers can prevent the spread of dirt or other bad things already on our shoes, as well as prevent anything in the hospital from getting onto them.

An operating room is a perfect example. Before going into an operating room, surgeons, nurses, and the patient are all thoroughly cleaned. Staff wear scrubs and special shoes, including shoe covers. This prevents any contamination from the outside, and prevents shoes being contaminated with blood from the surgery. Some patients have to be put in clean rooms, which have no germs or contaminants. Again, hospital shoe covers are critical in keeping out anything that could compromise the patient.

The hospital shoe covers themselves are very simple items. They are a material similar to scrubs and paper gowns. They stretch to cover the wearer's shoe, with an elastic band to hold them over the wearer's shoe. But these simple items are vitally important to keeping an operating room sterile, a clean room clean, and protecting outside shoes from being contaminated while in the hospital.

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