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Hospital Medical Supplies

There are a number of important components to hospitals. Most people will think first of the staff, doctors and nurses. Others might think of the building itself, the physical place the holds the staff and patients. But how many people first think of hospital medical supplies? Many probably take it for granted that a hospital will have all the supplies it needs to operate. The term 'hospital medical supplies' encompasses a broad range of items, from the clothing worn by doctors, nurses, and maintenance staff to drugs used to treat patients to everyday items like bandages, gauze, and beds.

Hospital medical supplies can be divided into categories in a number of different ways. One obvious distinction is those supplies with are disposable and those which are reusable. Supplies like beds, IV stands, and instruments are very durable and do not need to be replaced very often. Other types of reusable hospital supplies may not last quite as long, such as medical uniforms for staff and office supplies like pens and clipboards staff using for keeping records. And the most medical of hospital supplies, like bandages and gauze, blood and drugs for patients, will have to be replaced on a regular, short-term basis. Ordering hospital medical supplies can be a complicated task, given that prices fluctuate almost constantly, distributors may change their policies or stop selling items a hospital needs, and the needs of the hospital itself may change. And critical hospital medical supplies, fluids for patients and drugs, have to be constantly monitored to ensure they are still safe to be given to patients.

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