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Think about being in a hospital. What is one of the most common sights in a the corridors of a large medical facility? Doctors in hospital lab coats. Almost every doctor you see walking around a hospital will be wearing a lab coat. This is partly to distinguish a doctor from other medical personnel like nurses and aides, but hospital lab coats have very practical purposes as well. One of the reasons that doctors wear hospital lab coats is to protect their clothing from being contaminated by dangerous fluids like blood. Many doctors wear scrubs under their lab coats, but some wear their own clothing and their lab coat protects their clothing. Taking the lab coat off at the end of the day, a doctor also takes off whatever they came into contact with that day.

Hospital lab coats have traditionally been long and white. Many people have an image in their mind of a doctor wearing a white coat with their name embroidered above a pocket. While many doctors still do wear long white lab coats, there are other types of lab coats available as well. Colored lab coats are becoming more popular, brightening the usually somber appearance of hospitals. Doctors may choose a long or a short hospital lab coat. Some have one pocket on the chest, others have multiple pockets in different places. Doctors may have different needs depending on whether they are a surgeon, a pediatrician, or a general practitioner. Whatever the needs and preferences of a particular doctor, she or he will be able to find a hospital lab coat to satisfy them.

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