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Full Length Lab Coats

When many people think about doctors, the often think of men in full length lab coats. Doctors certainly wear long lab coats, but they are not the only ones. Other types of medical professional also wear lab coats, mainly as a protection for what they are wearing underneath the coat. Researchers might wear full length lab coats while they are working in labs so that any chemicals spilled will not contaminate their clothes. Technicians in medical testing facilities might wear coats for the same reason. Doctors, though, are still the main group of professionals who wear white lab coats on a daily basis.

Lab coats are available in a range of styles. The full length coats worn by doctors are one option in regard to length, and mainly have long sleeves. If a person works in an environment that requires a coat reaching the knees for protection, they will also need arm protection. Full length coats might have one, two or three pockets, on the chest or around the waist. Some even have slits near the waist so that the wearer can access their pants pockets. Different types of fasteners include cloth or metal buttons, and some have a belt. It is also popular for doctors to have their full length coats embroidered with their name, usually over a left breast pocket. These coats are most commonly made of a polyester cotton blend for comfort and durability. Whatever the needs of a doctor or other medical professional, they will be able to find the perfect full length lab coat for them.

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