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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does antimicrobial clothing really work?
A: While antimicrobial clothing may indeed sound like something you might hear about in some science fiction movie, it actually does offer some very real benefits. Since nurses and doctors work in one of the most germ and infection related environments out there, it is very important for them to get as much protection as possible while at work. Therefore, opting for these antimicrobial nursing scrubs can certainly to a lot to add a great amount of extra protection. You see, these clothes actually feature a barrier of specialty materials that serve to kill a wide variety of bacteria on contact. But do not worry—this type of material is completely safe for direct contact with your skin.

Q: I work in a children’s hospital, what is the best type of clothing that I can buy for them?
A: Treating children in a hospital certainly presents a very delicate situation. And since many of the children in a hospital that are there to receive treatment are most likely quite scared or feeling a little lonely, adding some bright colors and patterns to their daily lives there will surely prove to be quite helpful in getting them to cheer up. More than that, there is a wide variety of cartoon scrubs for children that have shown to be very effective in helping to put a smile on kids’ faces, helping them to at forget about exactly where they are for at least a little while.

Q: What can I do to protect my shoes from getting dirty while I work?
A: You can actually find a great selection of protective shoe covers. These are available with an elastic band which makes it very convenient to simply slip them over your shoes and provide a vital barrier against stains. Not only that, but you can also use these specialty protective shoe covers as a means of keeping certain areas completely free of germs and bacteria since these shoe covers help to prevent you from tracking infectious elements into clean rooms.

Q: Is there a natural clothing solution for scrub wear and medical clothing?
A: Actually, there is! You can now find a wide variety of organic nursing scrubs. These wonderful items are made with completely organic materials and made according to organic standards. This means that you can look forward to a great line of nursing scrubs that have not been made with any potentially harmful materials or chemicals.

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