Examination Gowns

Medical facilities need a variety of different supplies. Exactly what supplies are needed depends on the type of facility; whether it is a hospital, clinic, or doctors office. All of these types of facilities will need some common supplies, including examination gowns. Gowns are needed in any facility where patients are examined and doctors need easy to access to the patients body. Exam gowns allow doctors to easily examine any part of a patients body while covering the rest of it.

Examination gowns are available in a number of different styles. They can be reusable or disposable, short or long, and have different types of fasteners in the back. Choosing the right gown for a facility depends on the needs of that facility. Hospital gowns might be disposable, due to the chance of contamination from bodily fluids, and have no fasteners for maximum patient safety. Clinic gowns and doctors office gowns might be reusable, as there is much less risk of getting blood and other fluids on them. Still, disposable gowns might be used for convenience. Gowns might be fastened in the back with string ties or snaps. Facilities that use MRI or X-Ray machines will likely choose a gown without any metal to prevent interference with these machines.

Gowns also come in different materials, generally either paper or cloth. Cloth gowns are more likely to be reusable, as they will cost more. Paper gowns will be disposable; there is really no way to wash them. Which type of gown a facility uses will depend on its purpose, whether it is practical to use reusable gowns or not, and the comfort of patients.

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