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Different Prints for Scrubs

If you are lucky enough to work for a hospital or company that allows you to wear your own scrubs regardless of any uniform requirement, then don’t waste the opportunity to personalize your workwear. Many companies offer customized scrubs in a variety of colorful patterns and fabrics, and most aren’t much more expensive than standard scrub patterns. Get ready to banish the boring old green/blue/whit surgical scrub to the back of the closet, and take a peek at some of the different options available for purchasing scrubwear that’s unique to you.

A quick web search turns up thousands of companies offering different prints for scrubs, but one of the most eye-catching is Despite the saccharine-sweet, cutesy company name, offers over 1,400 different types of fabric, ranging from military-style DPM camouflage to patterns featuring Bakelite radios and koi carp batik motifs. Their ordering process makes them simple to buy from – pick your fabric, pick the garments you need made up (from scrub tops to scrunchies) and they’ll cobble it all together and send out the finished package to you. Just be warned – the website can be a little tricky to navigate, particularly for the less computer-savvy. is another similar website offering a wide range of different prints, also allowing the customer to check out different fabrics as well as simply browsing a gallery of different patterns. A further search throughout the web brings up dozen such sites, plus hundreds that simply offer a wide range of prints and colors. It may also be worth checking with any local manufacturers or distributors to see what they can offer up. They may be able to do you a similar job, if you can bring them the fabric. It may also wind up being much cheaper than buying the scrubs online.

Customizing your scrubs has never been so easy, or so accessible. Many customization websites offer (or require) mass bookings, so it’s possible to kit out your entire staff or department in unique, vibrant medical uniforms. Creating a unique sense of identity can be a great way to build teamwork and instill a sense of team spirit in to coworkers, especially if that identity is fun and vibrant. Bright colors make people happier, can cheer up patients and visitors, and make doctors and nurses seem far friendlier and much more welcome than the stark, sterile white or green of standard medical scrubs.

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