Colored Lab Coats

When many people think about doctors, they often conjure an image of a serious-looking figure in a white lab coat. This image is strongly associated with the anxiety many people feel when going to the doctor. One way to offset this anxiety, and bring more color into a medical office, is to get colored lab coats for doctors and other staff.

Lab coats do not only come in white anymore, they are now available in a variety of colors. Colored lab coats are an alternative to the very traditional white coat. For doctors who want to add a little color to their daily routine, a colored lab coat is a good choice. A bright color like yellow or green can brighten the mood of a patient and even provide an ice-breaker between doctors and new patients.

Colored coats can also be a little easier to take care of. White coats, like any other white garment, require frequent washing and bleaching to maintain a bright-white appearance. It is important for doctors, as well as nurses and other medical staff, to look professional at all times. A white coat can easily lose its like-new appearance or become stained by spilled ink, coffee, or juice. A colored coat is more resistant to the wearing effect of daily use.

Colored lab coats can also help brighten a medical facility, which can sometimes be drab. People feel more comfortable in environments with lots of color, and providing doctors with colored coats is one way of adding color to an office. Letting doctors choose several colors of coat can also give them some variety in their routine.

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