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Ah, scrubs. Where would the medical profession be without them? Utilitarian, hard-wearing, and completely void of any semblance of fashion statement, the medical scrub is the garb of choice for most hospitals around the world. Most of them require their staff to wear them for a significant proportion of the time they are on duty, so comfort, durability and cleanliness are all major considerations when choosing how to outfit yourself for the operating theatre.

Now, generally speaking most hospitals will provide their staff with their own scrubs, often embroidered with the hospital’s name. Normal dress code will as a rule be advised by the hospital on employment, but there are institutions which allow – or require – staff to provide their own scrubs. If you end up working at one of these hospitals, where do you go to buy scrubs? What do you look for, and where do you start looking?

Check up with your colleagues, and find out if there are any specialist scrub websites that are based in the local area. Have a shop around, get testimonials wherever possible, and if possible, check them out in person. If friends or co-workers can recommend a local vendor, this may well be your best move towards finding a regular scrub provider. The other advantage of this is that you can see and feel your friends’ scrubs, and get a feel for what the material is like, how loose and comfortable they are, and check out how they perform when worn. Another advantage of buying locally if possible is that many online stores give local hospitals a discount.

Many medical magazines and journals offer medical scrub mail-order services, but these can be very hard to get references for, and many offer below-par standards and customer services, and also may not fit entirely with your hospital dress code. A more reliable mail order option is to use the internet. The web is crawling with websites that sell various types of scrub, so have a browse around and see what there is out there. Again, look for recommendations and testimonials, or specialist websites like or

The main priority is to check that the quality and design fit for the hospital in which you will be working. These scrubs need to last a long time, and will suffer through a lot of hard use. Make sure they are durable, stain-resistant and appropriate for the use to wish you intend to put them, and after a while you’ll find that your scrubs will be just as comfortable as a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

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