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Benefits of Leather Nursing Shoes

A good pair of nursing shoes is vital for the medical professional who plans to spend any time at all on their feet. Comfortable, durable and lightweight, a good pair of nursing shoes can make the difference between a good and bad day on the ward.

As anyone with any knowledge of physiognomy will tell you, good shoes are crucial to a good state of mind. If your feet are not comfortable, properly supported and ventilated, and free to move as necessary, each step can be detrimental to your good mood. This is a disadvantage at the best of times, but when you spend long hours in high-pressure environments it can be excruciatingly irritating. There are many arguments for different types of shoe being worn, or not, as nursing shoes. For example, in Sweden hospitals banned the wearing of Crocs shoes—soft-soled rubber shoes favored by many in the medical profession—over fears that the shoes created a static charge that affected certain instruments in the hospital.

For most people, the best type of nursing shoe to wear is made out of leather. Leather is comfortable, versatile, attractive and has a large number of useful properties which make it perfect for shoemaking. Leather nursing shoes are capable of being worn for hours and not causing discomfort (providing the shoes are fitted well and are not too tightly-worn), and mold to the individual users’ feet after being broken in. This provides a significant amount of comfort and support to the foot, as well as a feeling of familiarity and ownership.

Another benefit of leather nursing shoes is that they allow the foot to breathe. Without air circulation and some way of cooling them down, the feet can become sweaty, smelly, and incredibly unhygienic. This is especially common in a lot of today’s plastic or rubber- soled shoes, and can lead to athletes’ foot and other infections and complications.

Leather nursing shoes are ideal for all these reasons, and more. They are sturdy enough to withstand sharp objects being dropped on them, easy to clean and polish up after spillages, and affordable. They are timelessly fashionable, and will never look out of place in a hospital or on the way home from work. Leather shoes are affordable (considering the materials uses) and are often harder-wearing than canvas or plastic equivalents.

Anyone looking for a decent, long-term regular-use nursing shoe could do a lot worse than checking out the leather option. There are plenty of websites that specialize in them—check them out, and see what there is on offer.

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