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Advantages of a Three-wheeled Walker

For people with mobility problems, a wheeled walker can provide a whole new world of independence, exercise and freedom. They allow for free movement, providing plenty of support and stability than a cane or walking stick, for far less cost than a mobility scooter or a buggy.

Three-wheeled walkers are much more maneuverable than their four-wheeled cousins, and can be used in pretty much any everyday situation. They are lightweight, easily-portable (either because they can collapse ore because of their weight) and provide outstanding support. They can also help reinforce posture, and for people with balance difficulties who like to lead a fairly active lifestyle, there is no better option on the market.

The three-wheeled walker usually combines a lightweight aluminum frame with sturdy vulcanized rubber wheels. Weighing less than twelve pounds on average, the three-wheeled walker comes into its own in cramped, tight conditions with sharp corners, making it ideal for anyone who lives in a large building; an apartment block, residential home, or similar. They are also incredibly easy to maintain, often needing only the most basic of tools to replace parts, and the solid wheel construction makes them very good for use on sidewalks and paved areas.

Many walkers come with accessories such as shopping bags, fixing points for a dog leash, an umbrella holder and light or torch fittings. They are also far, far cheaper than motorized mobility devices, and are far more practical than wheelchairs. For the elderly or disabled person who prides their independence, a three-wheeled mobility walker is a perfect choice that straddles the border between a walking stick and a motor scooter.

Another advantage of the three-wheeled walker is that it is very easy to learn to use, not requiring any of the instruction and co-ordination required to use a standard, footed walker or cane. A three-wheeled walker can be used at any speed ranging from a slow, gentle stroll to a slightly faster rushing pace as needed, and the lightweight construction makes the three-wheeled walker a good choice for gentle slopes as well. Although not recommended for use on non-paved terrain, a three-wheeled walker can manage rough tracks with time and in good weather conditions. However, these are mostly designed for use on the street, and should not be relied upon away from paved or flat surfaces, particularly in bad weather.

A three-wheeled walker could be the ideal tool for someone looking for a new lease of life after an accident, operation, or who refuses to let old age keep them from having fun.

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