Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs

There are a wide variety of nursing scrubs available today. Medical personnel like doctors, nurses, and lab technicians can choose from scrubs, smocks, and lab coats, all of which come in different colors, patterns, prints, and styles. With so many choices, it can be difficult for those responsible for ordering nursing scrubs to choose those that best fit the needs of their staff.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing nursing scrubs for a facility. The needs of the staff are a primary concern. Depending on the type, size, and services offered by a medical facility, there may different types uniforms needed. Doctor’s offices might be the easiest type of medical facility to order for. Nursing scrubs and lab coats should satisfy the needs of the staff. Clinics might need a few more items, such as examination gowns for patients.

Hospitals probably have the most diverse needs in terms of nursing scrubs. Those with surgical units will need surgical gowns as well as nursing scrubs. They may want disposable scrubs and lab coats to prevent transferring anything from one patient to another. Different types of nursing uniforms and lab coats may be needed for different units, and to help visibly differentiate the staff. One type of doctor may wear colored lab coats, while others wear the more traditional white coats. Lab technicians may need industrial lab coats for working with strong chemicals in testing labs. Many types of personnel, as well as visitors, might need shoe covers to prevent bringing anything into or out of a unit that should not be transferred.

And within each category of uniform, there are numerous choices. Discount scrubs and medical scrubs are available in addition to brand name nursing scrubs. The options for nursing scrubs are many: womens scrubs come in different colors and patterns, as do mens scrubs. Both come in various styles and sizes to accommodate any body type and fit preference. Lab coats also come in different lengths and styles. Some have short sleeves, you can order ones with different numbers of pockets, and special order them with a doctor’s name embroidered on the chest. Disposable lab coats can be used, in those departments where harsh chemicals are used.

Patients will also need examination gowns to wear during their stay. Hospital gowns can be reusable or disposable, have string ties or snaps in the back, and be one size fits all. Choosing patient wear may be the easiest part of the job for those ordering hospital medical uniforms and supplies along with online prescriptions. The choices for nursing scrubs are so numerous clerks may have trouble deciding what is just right for their staff.

For nurses working in all types of environments, getting something on your clothing is a constant concern. Nurses work with patients who are sick, sometimes seriously so, who are injured and possibly bleeding, with samples of blood and urine, and sometimes in labs with harsh chemicals. For these medical professionals, wearing nursing scrubs at work is perhaps the simplest way to avoid ruining personal clothes in mishaps at work. Often times scrubs can not only be functional but fashionable as well, such as grey's anatomy scrubs. By changing into nursing scrubs at work, nurses ensure that their own clothing stays clean and neat, while any accidents affect the easy to launder and replace scrubs.

Many types of cheap nursing scrubs are easily replaceable, if they are not actually the disposable kind. Ad there are enough choices in nursing scrubs that anyone will be able to find something he or she likes. Nursing scrubs come in a variety of solid colors, and different color tops and pants can be mixed and matched. Nursing scrub tops also come in a variety of patterns and prints, including cartoon characters and department specific prints like toys for children. Tops come with different types of necklines so nurses can choose the style most comfortable for them.

Likewise, scrub pants come with different types of waists and fasteners, including drawstring, elastic, and button up. The makers of nursing scrubs have also realized that people of all body types are nurses, and make sizes to fit everyone. In addition to average sizes, extended sizes and scrubs with longer arms are available for those nurses who are taller. Whatever the work environment of any given nurse, he or she will be able to find perfect ideal nursing scrubs.

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